Recognition of level of foreign higher education qualifications (international agreements)


This website applies to persons (nationals, foreigners) who would like to have their higher education qualification (diploma, degree certificate and similar) recognized for further studies or other purposes, excluding the practice of regulated professions, and the recognition of level of attained education withour comparing the study field and its contents is sufficient for them. The result of this procedure is the decision of recognition of the qualification with the diploma of higher education of the first, second, or third cycle in the Slovak Republic.
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Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic - Centre for Recognition of Diplomas (CRD) recognizes qualification credentials (university diploma, degree certificate or certificate of final examinations) issued by a recognized foreign education institution for further study and other purposes, with the exception of regulated professions. The recognition is performed without the comparison of the scope and contents (only the level of obtained education is recognized). If a recognition in a particular study field is required, the responsible body is the higher education institution in Slovakia that offers the same or similar study programme.
In case of states that signed a bilateral recognition agreement with Slovakia, the qualification is recognized according to the agreement with the reduced application fee. Exception from the bilateral agreements is presented by the presidential contract with Czech Republic, based on which the Czech qualifications are for these purposes (further studies, other purposes except regulated professions) valid in Slovakia without recognition process nor application. For the other (governmental) agreements, the process described below is still applicable.

The recognition process of the educational document begins by the receipt of the application. The application can be submitted using the form below or own letter that must contain the first name and surname of the applicant, permanent address or address of similar stay of the applicant, subject of the application, full name and address of the institution which issued the document, the year of completion of the education and applicant’s signature. In case the holder of the educational document is underage, the application is filled in by his/her legal guardian.

Application form for the recognition of level of higher education for further studies and other purposes:
Mandatory documentation submitted together with the application includes
  • copy of identification document
  • certified copies of the formal evidence of completion of the education (diploma, diploma supplement, and/or degree certificate)
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee

* In case of an application submitted electronically, the administrative fee is reduced by 50%. Electronic application can only be submitted only through the Central Government Portal (, where the electronic version of this form is available. In case of electronic application, all the documents normally signed by the applicant bear an electronic signature and all the attachments which require certified copies are made by certified electronic conversion (own scans or photographs of the documents are not accepted).

Mandatory part of the application is legal translation of submitted documents, except for documents in Czech and Latin. In order to decrease the financial costs of applicants we accept their own translation of documents issued in the following languages: English, German, French, Russian and Hungarian. In case of doubt concerning the translation, CRD is entitled to request a legal translation from the applicant.

The application fee for the recognition of the level of education is
  • 5 EUR if the qualification is covered by a bilateral agreement signed between the Slovak Republic and the country of origin (code in the web and mobile application eKolok: 1723)
  • 30 EUR if the qualification is not covered by any of the bilateral agreements (code in the web and mobile application eKolok: 2218)
Application fee payment options:
  1. via Receipt of Payment of Administrative / Judicial Fee (eStamp or eKolok), which can be purchased at selected offices of Slovenská pošta, a.s. (Slovak Post) in the required value
  2. via eKolok Mobile Application which is available at GooglePlay / App Store
  3. via eKolok Web Application, also called Virtual Kiosk, available at
  4. for applications submitted via the Central government portal ( the payment prescription is generated by submitting the application (there is no need to buy eKolok in advance)
List of states with an existing mutual international agreement with the Slovak Republic on academic recognition:
The Memorandum of Understanding of Recommendation to the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications in the area of Higher Education signed between the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Austria does not have the status of international agreement.

Submission of the application with documents:
1) by regular mail to the address:

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Centre for Recognition of Diplomas
Stromová 1
813 30 Bratislava

2) electronically via the Central Government Portal (Slovak only)

If the application doesn’t meet all the requirements, the process is going to be interrupted and the applicant will be prompted to submit the missing documentation or information. CRD decides within one month after the receipt of the complete application. The decision will contain the name of the equal qualification in the Slovak Republic.


Personal visits and consultations at the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas are cancelled until further notice. Applications can be submitted by post, via the Central government portal or depending on the current regime in the filing room.

If you cannot reach us at the telephone contacts, please write an email to
Thank you for your understanding.

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