Office hours and contacts


Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth
of the Slovak Republic
Centre for Recognition of Diplomas (CRD)

Head of Centre: Mgr. Bc. Alena Fodorová


We would like to ask you to direct all mail to the address below:

Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic
Stredisko na uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní
Stromová 1
813 30  Bratislava

Note: If you are submitting an application, please make sure to properly mark your mailbox (with your name) at the contact address you filled out in your application. Otherwise, the official correspondence from the Ministry sent as an answer to your application cannot be delivered. We would also kindly ask you not to send the same application multiple times. Even if you do, there will only be one decision issued. If you are sending additional documents, please indicate as such in an attached letter or include the number of the proceeding, so the documents can be added directly into your file and there are no delays.

Application submission

Applications that are handled by CRD can be submitted by mail (post) to the address above or electronically via the Central Government Portal, or during the office hours at the filing room. Applications cannot be submitted by email (the email address serves only for questions and consultations).

CRD is responsible for questions regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications. CRD does not offer personal consultations at its premises, consultations are offered by email and phone. For effective handling of huge number of incoming applications at this time, we would like to ask you to only contact us during the office hours, with questions that are not answered at the website that is updated regularly.
CRD deals with the matters of recognition of foreign qualifications (diplomas, certificates).

CRD is not responsible for the recognition of attestations, credits or paygrades of paedagogic professionals in the Slovak Republic or general questions about the activities of the Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic as a whole. Please direct them to the responsible department.

General Phone Contact:
(+421) 2 593 74 923

The line is available only during the consultation hours:
9:00 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 14:00 (CET)

(max. size of attachment: 5 MB)

Note: Consultations serve for clarifying information regarding application submission that cannot be answered using the website, referring to the correct procedure or authority and communications regarding an active case. They do not serve for recapitulation of the information published on the website, questions about the application status, expected duration of the process or requests for urgent handling.

More information in Frequently asked questions.

Time outside of consultation hours is dedicated to application handling and your calls will not be forwarded.

Thank you for your understanding.

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