Recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in a specific study field

This website applies to persons (nationals, foreigners) who would like to have their higher education qualification (diploma, degree certificate and similar) recognized for further studies or other purposes, excluding the practice of regulated professions, and require the recognition of equivalence of the study field. The result of this procedure is the decision of recognition of the qualification with the diploma of higher education of the first, second, or third cycle in a specific study field in the Slovak Republic.

The recognition of a diploma issued by a higher education institution from other member state or from a third state for academic purposes (continuing on a further course of study) is the competence of:

  • Higher education institution (HEI) in the Slovak Republic which offers the same or similar study programmes as the one that was completed abroad, or
  • Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, if the educational document in question is issued by a military HEI, or
  • Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, if the educational document in question is issued by a HEI of the police force.
The recognition process of educational document begins by the receipt of the application by the respective HEI or ministry.

The application consists of the first name and surname of the applicant, permanent address or address of similar stay of the applicant, full name and address of the HEI which issued the document, the year of completion of the education and applicant’s signature.
Mandatory documentation submitted together with an application includes:
  • copy of the identification document
  • certified copy the diploma or degree
  • transcript of completed courses and exams
  • certified copy of the diploma supplement, if issued by the HEI
  • information about the previous achieved level of education
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee
The administrative fee for the recognition
  • 7 EUR if the qualification is covered by a bilateral agreement signed between the Slovak Republic and the country of origin (code in the web and mobile application eKolok: 1723)
  • 40 EUR if the qualification is not covered by any of the bilateral agreements (code in the web and mobile application eKolok: 2218)
Application fee payment options:
  1. via Receipt of Payment of Administrative / Judicial Fee (eStamp or eKolok), which can be purchased at selected offices of Slovenská pošta, a.s. (Slovak Post) in the required value
  2. via eKolok Mobile Application which is available at GooglePlay / App Store
  3. via eKolok Web Application, also called Virtual Kiosk, available at
The applicant is also obligated to present a certified translation of the educational documents into the official language.

Besides the documentation above, the applicant could be also asked to present additional materials and information, if they are proven to be necessary for the validation process.

The respective higher education institution or ministry considers the application within 30 days after its receipt. If the application does not include all the required documents or information, the process will be interrupted and the applicant will be prompted to submit the missing materials or to correct any deficiencies within 30 days of the notice’s receipt.
Higher education institution or the respective ministry decides about recognition of the educational document within two months after the receipt of the complete application. The possible results of the process are:
  • recognition of the diploma,
  • refusal of the diploma recognition,
  • imposing of a compensation measure (exam).
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