Recognition of foreign diplomas

In the background of mutual recognition of documents there are two processes so called academic recognition and professional recognition. Academic recognition is carried out on so-called school or academic purposes. Practically it means "counting" the previous study in a country other than the applicant for recognition is planning to continue his/her studies. In terms of European law, however, so called professional recognition or recognition for pursuing profession is more justified. In this case the question is whether with obtained education, in what state and what kind of profession can applicant for recognition pursue.

Center on recognition of diplomas recognizes:
  • final documents on education obtained abroad for the purpose of pursuit of selected regulated professions in the SR 
  • issues statament of conversion of grades  from foreign elementary of secondary school to Slovak classification scale.
In case of Slovak diplomas, authenticity of public documents issued at scope of Ministry of Education, Science, Education and Sport of the SR is being recognized by issuing Apostille/Superlegalization and validates teaching qualification of teaching staff exclusively for foreign authorities.

Centre on Recognition of Diplomas (CRD) is part of ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) and NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) in the European Union and acts as national contact point for recognition in EU and National Centre for Europass.
Due to the risk of the spreading of the new coronavirus COVID-19, the consultations and visits at the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas are allowed only where necessary.

The filing room of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR will be open from 21 May 2020 onwards.

The entry of public to the filing room and CRD is permitted only during the opening hours and using the protective equipment covering the mouth and the nose (mask, respirator, scarf, etc.)

  • Professional recognition of qualifications
  • Academic recognition of diplomas
  • Apostille / Superlegalization
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