Study in Slovakia

     The study at the higher education institutions in the Slovak Republic is governed by the Act on higher education. Pursuant to the transition provisions of the Act on higher education, higher education institutions can enrol students only to the accredited study programs that are pursued on the basis of the credit system.

The study at a higher education institution
     Every citizen, including foreign nationals, has the right to study at a higher education institution in the elected study program, provided he or she meets the basic admission conditions under Section 56, and other conditions as laid down by the higher education institution offering the relevant study program, under Section 57 paragraph 1.
     The study programs are implemented at three levels: Study programs may combine the first two levels of higher education in one complex. (Section 53 paragraphs 3). The study program of first level includes the Bachelor's-degree study programs. The study programs of second level and the study programs combining the first two levels of higher education (hereinafter referred to as "combined study program) include Master-degree study program, engineer's degree study program and the doctor's degree study program. The PhD-degree study program is a third-level study program.



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