Academic recognition of diplomas


Academic recognition or recognition for the continuation of studies means the recognition of previously attained education for the purpose of further studies, or any other purpose with the exception of the practice of regulated professions. The process of recognition for the continuation of studies differs by the level of education and the country of origin. For the countries countries with an international bilateral or multilateral agreement, the process is governed by this agreement.

The competences in the area of academic recognition are as follows (as of 1 June 2022):
  • recognition of the study periods at primary and secondary schools is the competence of the school director
  • recognition of completed studies of primary and secondary school is the competence of the Regional Office of School Administration (former District Office, Dept. of Education)
  • recognition of higher education study periods (subjects, credits) is the competence of the higher education institution (university) in Slovakia
  • level of attained higher education (without study field comparison) is recognized by
    • Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic
  • higher education diploma is recognized by
    • higher education institution (university) offering study programmes the same or similar study field in Slovakia
    • Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic for foreign military higher education
    • Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic for foreign police force higher education
More information can be found in the articles below. In case something is unclear, you may consult the contacts of the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas, which is the national academic recognition information centre and the ENIC-NARIC network member and will navigate you to the correct recognition procedure.

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