Professional recognition of qualifications

Recognition of qualification means recognition of university diploma, graduate diploma, certificate on professional qualifications or other evidence of formal qualifications issued by recognized foreign education institution of the EU member state or of the third country, as being equal to formal qualification issued by a competent authority in the Slovak Republic. Professional recognition means recognition for the purposes of job performance, where we differentiate between regulated professions and unregulated professions.

Regulated profession is a profession, professional activity or group of professional activities for performance of which, the fulfilment of qualification requirements stipulated by special regulations (apart from general qualification requirements such as the level of education, especially in the field of social, economic and legal sciences), is required.

Database of regulated professions

Unregulated profession is a profession, for the performance of which there is no legal qualification requirement, or the qualification requirement is too general (just the level of education or just education that does not contain training for a specific regulated profession).

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