System of Schools and School Facilities

    The compulsory schooling takes ten years and lasts until the end of the school year in which the pupil attains the age of 16. Compulsory school attendance starts at the age of 6 year.

The system of schools comprises the following schools:
  1. kindergarten (nursery)
  2. elementary school,
  3. grammar school,
  4. secondary vocational school,
  5. conservatory,
  6. schools for children and students with special educational and training needs,
  7. elementary art school,
  8. language school.
     The schools from 2 to 7 are divided into school types. School types specify in more detail the focus of education of the school; the organization of the school, or categories of children and students for which the school is intended.

The system of school facilities comprises the following:
  • school educational facilities (school clubs of children, school centres for leisure activities, free-time centres, dormitories, school farms, centres of special practice),
  • special educational facilities (diagnostic centres, re-education centres, therapeutic and educational sanatoria),
  • school facilities of educational consulting and prevention (centre of pedagogical and psychological consulting and prevention, centre of special pedagogical consulting),
  • purpose-built school facilities (outdoor school facilities, school catering facilities, centre of services for schools).


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