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Slovak as the Foreign Language Educational Programme

The project came into existence at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava on the basis of the grant task of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic concerning the preparation and implementation of the Slovak as the Foreign Language educational programme approved by the Resolution no. 1053/2003 of the Slovak Republic Government.
     The author and the implementator of the programme is the Studia Academica Slovaca - Centre for the Slovak as the Foreign Language which is the research-paedagogical department of the Faculty with nation-wide scope of activities (see www.fphil.uniba.sk/sas). The project is planned for the period of 2004 - 2009. The project will be implemented by internal and external workers acting also as lectors and being the authors of teaching materials and special handbooks.

     Head of the authors‘ team and special guarantor: doc. PhDr. Jana Pekarovičová, PhD. Implementators: PhDr. Ľudmila Žigová (author, lector), Mgr. Renáta Mračníková, PhD. (tutor, lector), Mgr. Michaela Mošaťová (author of the e-learning concept, lector), Mgr. Zuzana Kleschtová (author, lector), Mgr. Hana Tichá (technical implementation, lector), Mgr. Michal Uhrín (illustrator, graphic designer).

     The Slovak as the Foregin Language project (hereinafter referred to as SasFL) is the part of the additional / long-life education programme. The project is aimed at creation of the contents and methodology of language education of foreigners corresponding to individual levels of Common European Reference Framework for Languages, as wall as at the specification of individual criteria of evaluation and certification of the language competence.
      In addition to the education of foreigners interested in the Slovak language by contact and distance form, the programme also includes creation and publication of teaching materials and special handbooks (in printed and electronic version) for the needs of students and teachers, as well as the realizaiton of examinations and issue of corresponding certificates on the language qualification in the Slovak as the foreign language.
     The project also includes the programme of special-methodological training of lectors of the Slovak language as the foreign language using the form of additional education with the possiblity to close the study by a qualifying examination, as well as the promotion of the Slovak as the Foreign Language programme and Slovak realia in Slovakia and abroad.

     The main innovational purpose of the project consists in creation of the programe of distance form of teaching the SasFL by means of the special www.e-slovak.sk website which extends the education possibilities and utilizes new technologies and environments. This form of the study, as compared with the standard method of the study, enables the autonomous and asynchronous study of the foreign language - people interested in study of language can learn at home, regulate the speed and extent of teaching.

     At present, the Slovak language course for full beginners A1 and beginners A2 is available on the www.e-slovak.sk website.